Global mutual funds could save “$ 2.2 billion” with Blockchain (English Version)


The UK-based global fund network Calastone said in a press release that Blockchain technology has “significant value potential” for the industry.

The figures released represent the tangible and financial value that a chain of blockades has allowed the distributed market infrastructure to deliver, by eliminating many of the remaining inefficiencies currently embedded in the system, resulting in increased costs, risks, operational pressures and regulatory “states.

Traditional finance has continued its public praise of the promise Blockchain, the technology behind encryption, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, stands for the aging of existing infrastructures and practices.

Last week, at the T3 Conference in Florida, financial advisors called Blockchain a “sociological innovation” and highlighted its benefits beyond the strictly financial. And they said that digitization is responsible for the company’s economy in the global fund market of £ 458 million ($ 635 million). In 2019, the proof of concept of “distributed market infrastructure enabled for Blockchain” will result in its core network technology migrating to Blockchain, which, in turn, will save $ 2.6 billion in funds throughout the world.